About The Owner

Hayley EagleHayley Eagle

Jamsco was formed by Hayley Eagle in 2012 when she was selected to join the AIP programme where she partnered with an international 1st Tier supplier, Sodecia. Over the time that Jamsco have been resident at the AIP and with the support of my 1st tier partner I have learned how to manage an automotive supply business.

Hayley previously owned her own business in Botswana and has extensive knowledge in the industry. Having managed a garage supporting repairs and maintenance as well as having worked for BMW, Mercedes, Delta. From 2012 she worked on the manufacturing side at the Automotive Incubation Centre.

“The Incubation Programme has provided me with the opportunity to manage my own company in a supported environment. Jamsco provided labour, supervisory, management, safety and quality control services to Sodecia for the production of welded assemblies which are supplied directly to the Ford production line.” ¬†says Hayley.

After 5 years of intensive training and on the job skill transfer Jamsco has exited the Incubation Programme.

Jamsco was the successful bidder to be given a one year contract to support Ford directly on their production line. This contracted has been extended by Ford to date. Ford has shown their enabling intensions by showering Jamsco with support, guidance, knowledge transfer, access to machinery, equipment, marketing, technology sharing and a long list of enterprise development support.